Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults

Individual Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely” – C.G. Jung

In drawing from a Psychoanalytic orientation, psychotherapy aims to gain an understanding around the difficulties one is experiencing and examine in-depth what is behind one’s behaviour. By exploring one’s internal or fantasy life and being aware of how the past may influence the present, psychic pain can be alleviated and desired change brought about. In using the therapeutic relationship which offers a sense of security and containment, clients are given the opportunity to identify difficulties, reflect on experiences and reach a place where they can begin to heal through acceptance and nurturing their strengths.

When necessary, Siobhán works collaboratively with other health care professionals such as GPs, psychiatrists or specialists.

Possible areas of concern:

  • o Adjustment and stress.
  • o Interpersonal conflict and Relationship difficulties.
  • o Characterological Difficulties.
  • o Anxiety.
  • o Psychological Trauma.
  • o Depression.
  • o Bereavement and Loss.
  • o Eco-distress.
  • o Eco-emotions and psychoterratic states.
  • o Personal development and growth.