Parent and Infant Work

Parent-infant Psychotherapy

“It will happen but it will take time.” ― John Bowlby

The parent and infant relationship is a complicated bond of love and conflict. It is a great responsibility to rear an infant and this can trigger a parent’s own difficulties, insecurities or painful past memories which may impact the parent-infant relating experience.

Parent and infant work offers a space where a parent can become aware of their own experiences as well as be aware of their infant’s psychological needs through reflective observation and understanding nonverbal interactions. Concerns and anxieties are explored by focusing on the interaction between the parent and the infant with the aim of developing a healthy attachment.

In addition to Parent-infant psychotherapy, Siobhán co-facilitates Babies in Mind workshops where mothers and fathers can gain information on their baby’s development, reflect on their child’s emotional state and better understand their own as well as their infant’s psychological needs. These group meetings with other parents offer the opportunity to feel understood and build a sense of confidence in one’s parenting ability.